I Recognized Single and Desperate women

Single Desperate woman

So Newsweek has actually retracted its 1986 cover post that stated a 40-year-old, single, white, college-educated female was most likely to be eliminated by a terrorist than to marry.

For many women, the retraction does not matter. The post appears to have lodged itself permanently in the national mind.

“That Newsweek cover struck terror in the hearts of single women all over,”, whose New York Observer column, Sex and the City, notoriously chronicled the angst of single women in Manhattan.

A variety of specialists and publications eventually challenged the magazine’s conclusions, but the message was out. It wasn’t just Newsweek. The so-called marital relationship crunch study on which the short article was based was commonly reported throughout the nation, and the terminally single woman – another publication’s term – became a popular trope.